• September 22nd, 2018
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Nine Local Artists Exhibit Collectively

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The National Art Gallery of Namibia is running an exhibition by nine Namibian printmakers which runs until June 26. Namibia is well known for its printmaking history in the art circles of Southern African. One of the most prolific black artists is the late John Muafangejo, who became a renowned artist for his large black and white linoleum prints. Displaying such an exhibition at the gallery sends a powerful statement in the art genre of Namibia. The enormous emotional power of these works leaves one in no doubt that printmaking in Namibia is like a movement. The expressive innovative mark created through medium of lino cut intaglio and cardboard printing by Pieter Basson, Papa Shikongeni, Kaleb Haipinge, Shya Karuseb, Fillipus Sheehama, Petrus Amuthenu, Erick Schnack, Sion Naobeb and Max Edison are outstanding works of art. The artists capture the beauty of artistic talent and language of printmaking. There is coordination in their work. A very useful section on composition is presented with examples of many different possibilities, as well as information on printmaking. The viewer is invited to capture imagination through these works, and let the individual qualities of one work lead into an understanding of another. The printmakers showed that this is a visual expression, it is all part of the process of looking, and observing the language of art, which is what art is all about. Art is real, it is a reality, a channel of communication and expression. The National Art Gallery of Namibia invites the public, students, lecturers, scholars and art sponsors to come and view some of the outstanding works of art by printmakers. Schools are welcome to book for a guided tour and meet the artists through programmes that are organised by the curatorial department. This exhibition is made possible with the support of Bank Windhoek.
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