• September 20th, 2018
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Oshana Plans Business-like Management

By Anna Ingwafa OSHAKATI The Oshana Regional Council held its strategic stakeholders' conference in Oshakati on Tuesday in an effort to introduce a more business-like management and market discipline into the administration of the regional council. The regional council finalised its strategic plan workshop that will help to guide managers and staff of the council to monitor their performance and that of its directorates for the five-year period stretching from 2007 to 2011. "In formulating this strategic planning, our regional council was guided by the logical framework prescribed by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in line with government directives that pertain to public sector reform and other relevant government policies," said Chief Regional Officer Johannes Kandombo. He noted that the stakeholder analysis conducted during the workshops resulted in the identification of stakeholders for the regional council that included but which are not limited to governments ministries, local authority councils, employees of the regional council, private sector organisations and parastatals. The management action plan formulated in line with the five strategic themes, namely, leadership and coordination, capacity building, a prosperous community, partnership with stakeholders and education for all, will serve as a management tool entrusted to achieve the targets set for the five-year period. The stakeholders identified the following expectations: the regional council should coordinate its activities within the region with different stakeholders in order to promote interdependence and good governance. It is expected of the regional council to inform the stakeholders on all developments regarding the governance processes in the region. It is expected to consult stakeholders in decision-making processes in order to avoid duplication of efforts and to enhance the spirit of cooperation, accor-ding to Kandombo. The Oshana Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa said the fundamental importance of the strategic planning process in achieving Vision 2030 was cemented when the Office of the Prime Minister instructed all offices to develop strategic plans as the first step in the implementation of the performance management system, with the primary objective to improve the overall performance of all offices/ministries/agencies - so that the nation can achieve Vision 2030. "The strategic plan is a dynamic document that will be reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis in order to ensure that we are able to measure the achievement of our targets as well as celebrate our success, including the improvement on our unique challenges," said Kashuupulwa. Kashuupulwa said to achieve the strategic objectives, the region relies on stockholder's commitment and team effort in advising them on whether indeed they capture the strategic critical issues and strategies toward attaining the regional council's high level initiatives so as to realize the vision by which Oshana is to become industrial and self-sufficient with infrastructural, social-economic development and a better living standard for its inhabitants by the year 1012. A consultant from the BSM Capacity Building Solution Dr Boniface Mutumba and the chief efficiency analyst from the Office of the Prime Minister Kennedy Mbangu facilitated the workshop.
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