• September 20th, 2018
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Pacon Supports African Students

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The Pan African Center of Namibia will for the fourth time morally and financially support the 20th All Africa Students conference that will be held next month in South Africa, it was announced in a press statement. The conference at which students from around the continent will represent their respective countries will be held from 12 to 19 July at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. Namibia will also be represented at the conference. "The Pan African Center of Namibia (Pacon) confirms and registers its full support and blessings to the holding of the 20th All Africa Students' Conference. "For Pacon, this is an important gathering of the students and scholars from all corners of the African continent. It is a platform where our students will share ideas that will shape their future and that of the generations to come," said Pacon's chairperson, Johannes Tjtjo. Pacon is proud to have contributed immensely to the 17th AASC; 18th AASC; 19th AASC and now the 20th AASC. "It is our stated goal that we shall continue this assistance and association with this project for as long as we have the means to do so. It is only when we are united as Africans that we can realise the dream of a united Africa. Our advice to the organisers is that this event does not become one for fun and enjoyment," he said. He also suggested that the conference deliberations be truthfully documented for future reference, resource and scholarly discourse. "We also propose a working permanent structure be considered to work and implement resolutions in between conferences; that the involvement of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora be considered as a matter of urgency; that the resolutions taken should be geared towards influencing policy directives of our respective African governments, Pan African Youth Movement, SADC, African Union (AU), and other regional and continental bodies in taking issues of the youth and students seriously," Tjitjo said.
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