• September 22nd, 2018
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Memorial Museum 'Not a New Project'

By Irene !Hoaes WINDHOEK The Deputy Director of the National Museum of Namibia, Esther Moombolah-/Goagoses, does not understand why people should complain about the construction of the N$8 million Memorial Museum that is earmarked for this year. "It is our Namibian history that is being documented. Why are we happy when we see our own history documented in other countries?" asked Moombolah-/Goagoses. She said the Memorial Museum is a capital project, which should have been constructed with the Heroes Acre, and not a new project. "It was delayed because of funds," added Moombolah-/Goagoses. Some Namibians are, however, unhappy about the envisaged construction of the memorial, citing the high cost of living prevailing worldwide, which also affects Namibians. "Why not build schools, hospitals and all other necessities that we need in order to uplift the country," some Namibians complained through different public media, urging the Government to get its priorities right and to stop focusing on luxuries. Both the New State House and the Heroes Acre as well as the purchase of a presidential plane earlier caused public outcry. Moombolah-/Goagoses noted that she is not the one building the memorial, as she is only a Government servant, carrying out what she is instructed to do, contrary to what many people think. "People are making it as if I am the one building the memorial," charged Moombolah-/Goagoses. The 8-million-dollar museum will be built next to the Alte Feste. The Rei-terdenkmal Monument in front of the Alte Feste will be removed to pave way for the Memorial Museum. "If it was not for the removal of the Reiterdenkmal, I am sure there wouldn't have been such a huge outcry," she said. Moombolah-/Goagoses said it is not the first time that a monument is moved and this happens all over the world. "We respect everybody's history. The monument will not be demolished but only moved to a different site," the deputy director added. The museum will visualise documented Namibian history, starting from the early resistance until the liberation struggle, including student politics. Most of the artefacts are already here, while paintings still have to be done. Moombolah-/Goagoses said they would use local companies to do the paintings that are still outstanding. The Ministry of Works and Transport is in charge of the construction of the Memorial Museum. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture was not available for comment at the time of going to press.
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