• September 22nd, 2018
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'Teachers Should Not Discriminate Orphans'

By Michael Liswaniso OPUWO Teachers and heads of departments should not discriminate against orphans and HIV-infected children enrolled at their schools, the Kunene Regional Education Director Kabajani Kamwi has said. Kamwi made the call during the official closure of an HIV/AIDS Awareness Week held at Opuwo last Friday. "Let us not discriminate against our own children. HIV/AIDS does not choose and thus school principals please, do not chase orphans and other vulnerable children out of school because of failure to settle school fees. Government is helping with exemptions where it is due and in some other cases, hostel discounts," said Kamwi. Teachers and other stakeholders were urged by Kamwi to provide quality information about HIV/AIDS to schools in a concerted effort to overcome the epidemic. He called on vulnerable children who were not in school because of poor financial standing to come out saying "we need best education for all". Speaking at the same event, Theolida Hamunyela of the Association for Educational Development (AED) which sponsored the event country wide, emphasised the need for honouring the week. She added that this creates deep awareness among school children and people from all walks of life on themes that explains what HIV/AIDS is all about, its causes and how best one can prevent the disease. She urged school children to abstain from sex at an early age and avoid soliciting sexual favours, among other measures, to prevent the scourge. "It is without a doubt, HIV/AIDS kills and as the future generation, that is you my beloved children, preventive measures are the answer to prevent HIV/AIDS from killing our families, our societies and our nation as a whole," she said.
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