• September 24th, 2018
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Papa Exhibits at Omba Gallery

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK 'Humble Tribute to the Ancestors', is the title of an exhibition of new creative prints by Namibian international artist Papa Ndasuunje Shikongeni that will open on July 2 at the Bank Windhoek Omba Gallery, Namibia Crafts Centre. Since 1993, Papa has been involved in the development of post-independence Namibia arts education and culture, as well as being an award-winning artist in his own right. He has held many solo and group exhibitions and is currently director of the John Muafengejo Art School. Papa has mastered the art of cardboard print-making. In this exhibition he expresses his spiritual approach to his creativity, believing that art is a god-given gift and can be a healing and guiding source to the lives of human beings. "Art should not be about competition, nor should it be divisive," says Papa. "Rather my art expresses my personal experiences and it is my hope that through art we can recognise society's 'togetherness' and our similarities." He adds, "The challenge in art is to find the technique that suits you and the one that you can master to communicate with others." Papa believes that while we should be nurturing our young and upcoming artists, there should be a differentiation between experienced artists and the value of their work versus young artists who are still exploring their creativity and mastering their skills. The exhibition will be opened by former director of the National Gallery, Annaleen Eins, by 18h30 and closes on July 27.
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