• September 21st, 2018
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PACON Mourns Youth Activist's Death

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The Pan-African Center of Namibia (Pacon) has learnt with shock and disbelief of the tragic death of a promising youth activist, Chris Hawala, said the chairperson of the organization in a press statement yesterday. "Death has indeed robbed us of a dynamic youthful leader, who had a dream and a plan of bringing Nanso back to its glorious years. Chris Hawala, as the vice-president of Nanso, died in the line of duty on his way to Ponhofi Secondary School to relive the 1988 student boycotts and resistance to colonial occupation of Namibia," Johannes Tjitjo said. Hawala served as a committee member of the Steering Committee of the Annual Sam Nujoma Public Lectures Series under the auspices of Pacon. "He, together with youthful comrades such as Henny Seibeb, Ndeuli Hamutumbua, Tjeripo Musutua and Iipumbu initiated and presented the idea of the lecture series to the Board of Pacon, and upon the acceptance of the initiative, they were made the committee members of the Steering Committee," he said. Our condolences go to the bereaved family and to the secretary-general of Nanso comrade Andre Itope and the entire Namibian youth, who have been affected by this untimely departure of comrade Hawala. "It is our belief that those youth activists who are left behind will pick up the fallen spear and be ready for more struggle for the economic development of Namibia in particular, and Africa in general. May his soul rest in eternal peace," he concluded.
2008-07-03 00:00:00 10 years ago
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