• September 19th, 2018
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'Phone Trip' Adds to Road Safety

By John Ekongo WINDHOEK In an effort to aid Government and other stakeholders promote safe driving, a private company recently introduced a gadget that re-routes calls through the car speakers. The Phone Trip Public Driving Safety Device, also known by its shorter name "Phone Trip", is a hands-free mobile kit to be used while driving. Studies have shown that, to a large extent, vehicle accidents in Namibia happen due to loss of concentration and distraction of motorists. Cellular phone usage while driving is said to be the largest contributor to distractions, which ultimately lead to unwarranted accidents that sometimes result in death. With this device, revealed Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Paul Smit, road safety on national roads can be improved, and potentially fatal accidents reduced. Managing Director of A-Z Investment Holding, Tonata Shiimi, speaking at the launch of the device said yearly, motor vehicle accidents in Namibia contribute to the loss of many productive lives, hence his company's decision to invest in motoring safety. Motorists can acquire the device at a reasonable price from selected outlets "in the interest of motoring safety". The Phone Trip works with any mobile phone to transmit calls through the car radio speakers. It is practically simple and requires no wires and plugs to instal. It fits every cellphone and works with every radio to transmit clear sound through the car speakers and comes with a magnetic mobile phone holder as standard. The kit comes with a conical shaped earpiece with a positioning clip. The clip is attached to any mobile phone and comes alongside a duct tape, which one mounts in any desired position in the vehicle, preferably the dashboard. The device must be placed within three feet of the car radio, to work properly. Once preset to an active station on the car radio, anytime a call comes in, the device is activated and the driver can have a conversation without picking up the phone.
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