• September 21st, 2018
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Ovambanderu Talks Collapse

GOBABIS The two Mbanderu factions could not reach consensus during a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the next successor to the Mbanderu throne. The meeting was proposed by senior Mbanderu Traditional Councillor, Gerson Katjirua, to discuss the succession issue, as the two groups were divided on the matter. A group of 20 Mbanderu leaders, 10 from the Katjirua camp and 10 from the camp of Senior Mbanderu Chief Erastus Kahuure, took part in the meeting. The Katjirua camp stands behind Kilus Nguvauva to succeed his father, late Paramount Chief Munjuku II Nguvauva, while the Kahuure camp, also known as the 'Concerned Group', supports the chief's other son, Keharanjo Nguvauva, to take over the reigns as chief. The Kahuure group is thus disputing a will and testament of the late Paramount Chief Munjuku II Nguvauva that allegedly states that Kilus Nguvauva be nominated to succeed his father as chief. They are supporting the appointment of Keharanjo, saying he was the chief's son born in wedlock and should be the rightful heir to the throne, according to Mbanderu tradition. Katjirua said the meeting was meant to present evidence (orders) from the late Nguvauva II for both sides to discuss and determine its validity, but the Kahuure camp does not want to accept the document (will) as evidence. Meanwhile, Kahuure told the meeting that he knew of people that would testify that the late Chief Nguvauva told him (Kahuure) that he wants Keharanjo to succeed him, and pointed out Ripuree Tjozongoro from the Katjirua camp. However, Tjozongoro dismissed Kahuure's statement as untrue, saying Kahuure was warned by the late chief to stop such statements as he (chief) did not tell him (Kahuure) that Keharanjo would succeed him. Kahuure further argued that the late chief informed him about this in the presence of Tjozongoro, noting that it is a pity that Tjozongoro is denying that today. The senior chief and his delegation did not allow the will to be presented as evidence in the meeting, arguing that at this moment, this would not help as each camp has nominated its candidate to be crowned as the next chief in due course. Kahuure told the same meeting that as senior chief of the Mbanderu Traditional Authority, he will soon call a meeting with all Ovambanderu-speaking people to brainstorm and nominate the candidate of their choice. - Nampa
2008-07-04 00:00:00 10 years ago
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