• September 24th, 2018
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Casino Joins Heritage Programme

By Staff Writer WINDHOEK Legacy Hotels & Resorts International is living up to its name. It is the latest hospitality group to join the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme, thus doing its bit for a better future by ensuring that companies reduce the impact of their operations on the environment. The Windhoek Country Club and Casino as well as the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre in Namibia are part of the Legacy hotel group. The decision to join the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme makes Legacy only the second hospitality group on the continent to commit to a more responsible and sustainable approach to tourism through the heritage programme. Growing international awareness of environmental issues has posed an interesting challenge to businesses around the world. Over 50 million travellers in the USA now make travel decisions based on environmental issues and a study conducted in the United Kingdom shows that over 52% of all consumers were more likely to support businesses that practise sound, sustainable environmental policies. Says Tony Boucher, General Manager of the Windhoek Country Club: "Ultimately, sustainable business means operating our businesses with an awareness of our larger impact on Earth. This is an issue for all role players to bear in mind - from governments, to tourism businesses, retail and banking organisations, consumers of all kinds and even?
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