• September 19th, 2018
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Nigerian Teachers Here to Help

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK The arrival of 30 volunteer specialist Nigerian teachers is the culmination of a series of bilateral relations consultations to contribute to Namibia's educational manpower needs and capacity building. With these words the Nigerian High Commissioner, Adegboyega Christopher Ariyo, yesterday welcomed the two Nigerian female and 28 male teachers in the country under an agreement. The group of volunteer teachers in mathematics, science and English will be deployed at schools throughout the country for the next two years. "Prior to your arrival to Namibia, there had been media speculation that you are here to take over Namibian jobs. I allayed such fears and emphasized that Nigeria is only providing technical assistance at her own expense in the spirit of the excellent bilateral relations in response to a request made by the Namibian Government," Ariyo said. He said similar other requests for the provision of doctors, engineers and lawyers have also been made "These requests are being processed. Nigeria will deploy these officials immediately the Namibian authorities express their readiness to sign the necessary agreement, similar to the one under which you have arrived in the country," he said. According to the High Commissioner, the Namibian educational authorities have indicated high interest to benefit from the volunteer Nigerian teachers' wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to help raise the standard of education in the country. "The Namibian authorities are fully committed to improving the quality of education of their people. We are satisfied with the arrangements in terms of accommodation and facilities where you will be deployed. As professionals in your various fields, I would expect you to be law abiding and conduct yourselves with an utmost sense of professionalism, patriotism and dedication to duty," he told the Nigerian teachers. He also advised the teachers to relate well with the respective communities in which they will be working.
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