• September 19th, 2018
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New Police Station Inaugurated

By Anna Ingwafa ONGWEDIVA In an effort to curb criminal activities in the Oshana Region, the Namibian Police recently opened a police station at Ongwediva. The construction of the Ongwediva Police Station that cost N$4, 8 million is inclusive of staff housing for police officers and their office accommodation. Oshana Regional Commander Deputy Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa assured people that the crime situation in the region is under control particularly at Ongwediva. "Therefore, your safety and security is well maintained by your police officer men and women in uniform, who are working hand in hand with members of the public, irrespective of their social status in the society," he said. Before the police station was built, there was initially a substation which was not of the standard of a regular police station, as it did not have its own criminal record system because it was part of Oshakati Police Station, which is a class A station, according to Kashihakumwa. On the crime pattern in the region, the regional police commander noted Oshana Region was all along rated second to Khomas Region when it comes to crime, but nowadays everything has changed, hence there is a drastic reduction in crime in the region. However, the region still experiences isolated cases of crime. "But I can assure you that although there are such pockets of resistance, I can mention it here with pride and confidence that we are on top of the situation and crime in Oshana is manageable." He noted Oshana has achieved a lot of successes, which resulted in drastic crime reduction. The success is a result of community policing, day-and-night patrols, police operations, crime information sharing as well as neighborhood watches introduced in the region. Speaking at the same occasion, Oshana Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa expressed gratitude to the Oshana Police for the many successful operations made. He said the regional council appreciates the commitment and hard work by the police. "For the past few years now, the region has experienced the high rate of crime going down considerably as many hard-core criminals were arrested and brought to court for justice to prevail. "Armed robberies, car thefts, housebreaking with the intention to steal public property as well as breaking into shops and markets, were previously the work of organized crime targeting our people to disturb peace and stability in the region," he said. But the governor noted that today criminal syndicates have become ineffective as many criminal ringleaders have been arrested while others are on the run. He said because of peace, stability and security the region would attract more investors as investments and assets will be protected. "We are doing our best to have a crime-free region as we are being provided with budgetary means to carry out our mandate to make sure that the security and safety of the public remain of the region's priorities on its development agenda," assured the regional governor. He thanked the Ministry of Safety and Security and urged the ministry to continue extending infrastructure development on projects to the region. The Ongwediva Police Station is led by a station commander with the rank of inspector, one deputy station commander with the rank of warrant-officer plus one warrant-officer who is responsible for the station's operations plus 42 police officers.
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