• September 24th, 2018
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Reporter Twisted the Facts

Re: Unprofessional Reporting in The Namibian Newspaper A story under the headline: "Mombelewa yandje ka mu na, na inamu longwa uulingingilingi, Kashuupulwa tati," on Page 17 of The Namibian of July 9, 2008 by Mr Oswald Shivute refers. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that the reporter in question has twisted facts related to the story and did not "Tell it like it is" as the motto of your newspaper goes. He has probably done this for reasons and a hidden agenda only known to himself. First and foremost, Mr Shivute did not get any comment from the Hon. Clemens H. Kashuupulwa, the Governor of Oshana Region regarding the aforementioned story but was referred to the Governor's official response in the New Era of July 3, 2008. In his response the Governor noted: "Oshana Regional Council is satisfied with Mr Sinvula's performance and competence. Council does not make any apologies about his appointment." This means Mr Sinvula's performance and appointment in his present position as Deputy Director. The Governor went on to say as follows: "The question that the Governor is insisting on his 'preferred candidate' is irrelevant, unfounded and illogical as I am neither a member of the interviewing panel nor the recruitment committee of the Oshana Regional Council." How can Mr Shivute recklessly twist the facts as follows? "Kombinga yomunambelewa ngoka a hala a langekwe pehala mpoka, Kashuupulwa okwa ti kutya eeno,oye naana ya hala ngoka, oshoka ke na epuko lyasha a kale ita vulu okulangekwa mehala moka. Tati oku shi nawa iilonga mbyoka na oye naana a halika kElelo lyaShana ngoka." Roughly translated it means: "Regarding the official whom he wants to be appointed, Kashuupulwa said, yes, he should be the one to be appointed because there is nothing wrong with him not to be appointed in that position. He is experienced and is the preferred candidate of Oshana Regional Council." Nowhere in his response which appeared in the New Era of July 3, 2008 did the Governor indicate that Mr Sinvula is his preferred candidate or that of the Oshana Regional Council for the position of Director but he was referring to Mr Sinvula's competence and performance in his current positions as Deputy Director and Acting Director of Human Resources, Finance and Administration. As a matter of extreme urgency, you are hereby requested to rectify your misrepresentation of facts, failure of which will leave the Hon. Governor with no alternative but to seek legal redress in this matter. Sincerely yours William J. Mbangula PA to the Governor of Oshana Region
2008-07-11 00:00:00 10 years ago
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