• September 24th, 2018
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Bank Foundation Assists Needy Learners

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK "We are proud to announce the annual commitment of the FNB Foundation which constitutes 1% of the total post-tax earnings of the FNB Group, amounting to about N$3 million annually to various community programmes, with education as an area of focus receiving the biggest chunk from the FNB Foundation." This is the view of Cassius Moetie, PRO of FNB Namibia Holdings, who on Thursday handed a donation of N$189 000 to 14 financially disadvantaged learners at Windhoek High School to complete their schooling. "These learners have shown a lot of commitment and a great deal of potential and discipline in their academic work, and they have conformed to all entry requirements of the school. These learners were subjected to IQ tests as well as 3-dimensional thinking skills and were selected to participate in the FNB Windhoek High School Scholarship for Academic Excellence programme," Moetie said. The total investment of the FNB Foundation in the 14 learners is in excess of N$755 000 over four years, of which each learner received about N$55 000 annually for the FNB Windhoek High School Scholarship programme. "The FNB Group has no doubt that this investment was a sound one. It is a fact that these learners will proceed to pursue university degree courses and will return home to Namibia as graduates to participate and contribute constructively to the development and social progress of Namibia and its economy," he said optimistically. The money will be primarily used for hostel fees, books, stationery and school uniforms.
2008-07-14 00:00:00 10 years ago
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