• September 23rd, 2018
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Commercial Television Gets Behind Education

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK A commercial television station recently established a channel bouquet specifically aimed at Namibian schools, Multi-Choice has announced. The DStv education bouquet is proving to be very popular amongst teachers and learners, and this is evident from the feedback the company is receiving from the schools. Okatope Junior Secondary School wrote to the company: "The education bouquet is an effective resource for the school to have, as it allows our students to gain access to a world of knowledge, as well as giving them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with spoken English." The company has seen the immense potential in supporting schools with the DStv Educational Bouquet. "It allows learners in remote areas to experience sights and sounds from all around the world from history to biology and new technology. What was previously confined to a textbook experience - the education bouquet brings class lessons to life," said Wil-Merie Howard in a pres release. The bouquet diversifies the approach to teaching in a positive manner, moving towards Vision 2030, which is to introduce technology in the classroom. "There is a wide movement of companies who are moving towards the build-up of communities - this was evident at the IST Conference and Exhibition that took place earlier this year, at which the company had been exhibiting with eleven strategic partners in Information and Communication Technology," she said. The company has established resource centres in a total of 100 schools in different regions. "The resource center is made up of a fully installed DStv system, a VCR and a 74-cm television. The bouquet is then provided at no cost to the participating schools in such centers. It comprises of eight premium channels: National Geographic, Mindset Learn, History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC World, Animal Planet, NBC and SABC Africa. The Ministry of Education selects the schools that benefit from the bouquet," Howard concluded.
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