• September 24th, 2018
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Today is D-day for Ovambanderu

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The Supreme Court of Namibia is expected to deliver its judgment today on the appeal lodged by the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority to overrule a previous High Court order by High Court Judge Collins Parker. Supreme Court judges, Chief Justice Peter Shivute, Acting Judge of Appeal Johan Strydom and Judge Simpson Mtambanengwe heard submissions in March from advocates Dave Smuts and Andrew Corbett. Over the weekend, members of the Ovambanderu community belonging to the two factions gathered in the capital from across the country to hear today's verdict. The Ovambanderu faction close to the late Chief Munjuku II Nguvauva assembled yesterday at the Katutura Youth Complex, while the other faction supporting Senior Chief Erastus Kahuure met at the Ovambanderu Commando. Ngahahe Tjiposa, the spokesperson of the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority said his faction will accept the outcome of the Supreme Court and called on the entire Ovambanderu community to accept the outcome. Tjiposa said his faction respected the outcome of the High Court but were not satisfied and that is why they approached the Supreme Court for a second opinion. Although some people believe that the verdict of the Supreme Court might undermine the appointment of Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Kilus Nguvauva, as new paramount chief of the Ovambanderu community, Tjiposa said the legal battle has nothing to do with succession. "I want our people to understand clearly that the legal battle was about the constitution and not about the succession process, which we have completed according to our custom." Meanwhile, Tjiposa has revealed that the Ovambanderu leadership under the interim leadership of Peter Nguvauva is expected to meet the Head of State, Hifikepunye Pohamba, on Wednesday. Tjiposa refused to divulge what is on the agenda but it is expected that the Ovambanderu leadership will brief the President on the appointment of Kilus Nguvauva as the new Ovambanderu Paramount Chief. The respondents in the matter are Erastus Kahuure, Mburo Mooja, Gebhard Hengari, Barnabas Kandjavera, Okeri Kavitjene, Rehabeam Nguhahe, Borrie Katjiuanjo, Cornelius Tjiroze, Noah Kangueehi, Erastus Karuuombe and Pani Kahorere. The appellants indicated in the court papers are: The Ovambanderu Traditional Authority, Chief Nguvauva II and the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Rural and Urban Development.
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