• September 23rd, 2018
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Police Advise Chinese on Robberies

By Anna Ingwafa OSHAKATI The Oshana Police met a group of Chinese business people in the north last Saturday for an information sharing session on problems encountered by both sides. The discussion tackled the issue of how Chinese business people "loosely handle" their money and thereby make themselves victims of armed robbers. Oshana Regional Commander Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa explained to the Chinese business community that they are targets of criminals because they normally possess large amounts of money in their businesses or in their cars. The police in the region have recorded many cases of robberies of Chinese. The regional commander encouraged them to consider using formal banks to safe-keep their money rather than stashing the money under pillows. He also advised them to contract reliable cash-in-transit companies that have the expertise to carry huge amounts of money safely to the banks. Kashihakumwa told them that criminals corroborate with their employees who tell criminals where they keep money. He encouraged them to carefully track and record their employees' background and get to know them better rather than picking up employees from the streets. Some of the Chinese business people expressed concern about the slow pace at which court cases are finalized. They argued that when a case is made against the criminal, it takes a lot of postponements before it is settled. Another area of concern for the Chinese is long queues and having to be told to wait when they come to the police station to report cases. Chief Inspector Golden Naanda explained that the courts have a lot of cases to deal with and one of the contributing factors to the backlog in cases is that Chinese decline to testify in court when summoned to do so. He advised them to be present at court when they are called to testify as failing to do so results in endless postponements and eventually cases being withdrawn, because of lack of evidence. On long queues, the deputy commissioner assured them that if they experience problems, they should approach his office. "We would like you to give crime related information to the police so that you remain secure and your businesses too," said Kashihakumwa. The Chinese business people were happy to have an open discussion with the police and assured the deputy commissioner of their willingness to cooperate with the police.
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