• September 23rd, 2018
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Pre-School Runs Out of Funds

By Charles Tjatindi WALVIS BAY One of the most unique pre-primary schools in Walvis Bay's Kuisebmond residential area, the Celes Hope Pre-primary School/Kindergarten, is on the brink of closing down due to lack of funds. The Celes Hope, also known as House of Success Pre-primary School, not only offers education to learners, but also provides day-care facilities. The centre provides solace to orphans and vulnerable children, some of whom have been taken in by the kindergarten's owner and principal Victoria Eises, and live on the premises with her. Eises has been running a soup kitchen for the children, as some of them stay long after classes before being collected by their parents. The noble intentions of Eises and other teachers at the centre however appear to quiver as they struggle to financially maintain the kindergarten. The centre is in dire need of foodstuffs for the soup kitchen project and funds to support some of its orphans with proper clothing,, amongst others. "I have seven orphans whose parents died from HIV/AIDS, and a few others that were dropped off at my place by their mothers when they were as young as one or two. Although I do give my part, it is proving not to be enough for them anymore," noted Eises. The kindergarten holds educational activities that stimulate the minds of its pupils through competitions, quizzes and other extra-mural activities. This has since stopped as the current facilities at the centre become too small to handle all pupils. Eises and her colleagues have therefore embarked on a venture to build an extra room at the same complex to compensate for such activities, but have no money to complete the room. "Contribution of any kind is welcome. We will really appreciate it for the sake of the kids' future in education and their emotional wellness," said Eises. Eises started the centre in 2005, with the help of some donations from the Government of Iceland through a local NGO. She has been operating it on a full-time basis, albeit voluntarily. It started with only 10 learners, and now has close to 40 registered learners.
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