• September 19th, 2018
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Boxing Has New Kid on Block

By Carlos Kambaekwa WINDHOEK Boxing is an essential part of Namibian sport and any international participation without the boxing discipline is tantamount to suicide. Those were the wise words of Rusten "Zukhile" Mogane, Chief Administrator of the National Sport Commission during the official unveiling of Namibia's only second boxing promoter Kinda Nangolo, at the headquarters of the Namibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board, in the capital last week. "If we look at our statistics in most international events, boxing has always been amongst the most consistent medal collectors and I must congratulate those at the helm of boxing, notably Nestor Tobias, for having brought on board world renowned boxing promoter Don King. His involvement with Namibian boxing will certainly put our country on the map." Mogane added that athletes such as Frank Fredericks, Harry Simon and Collin Benjamin are now reaping the rewards of hard work and dedication, and urged others to follow suit and also called on government to use sport as a vehicle of national unity and reconciliation. "Of course, I fully understand our government having plenty on their plate in terms of priorities, but I would like to see government taking a more central role in releasing sufficient funds for the well- being of athletes if we are to compete at the highest level." Kinda Promotions is to announce their arrival in professional boxing with a non-title boxing bout between national Welterweight champion Bethuel "Tyson" Uushona and a yet to be confirmed opponent from South Africa, at the Nampower Convention Centre in Windhoek, on the 2nd of next month. "Our primary aim is to develop boxing in Namibia, and let me clear the air, I'm not a boxing trainer or manager, like Nestor Tobias, who doubles up as a trainer and promoter - I'm just a promoter," said the 34-year-old pint-sized boxing promoter. The newcomers are appealing to the Namibian boxing fraternity and corporate businesses to thrown their weight behind their initiative and make this particular discipline the most sought after sporting event on the local sport calendar. The President of the Namibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board Kelly Nghixulifwa, expressed hope that Kinda Boxing Promotions would have the necessary potential to contribute to the growth of local boxing. "When would-be promoters apply for a license, we normally look at various things such as the fitness of the applicant, ranging from criminal records, and of course whether that person's credibility is in good standing whereupon we approve the application accompanied by N$500, application fee and in this case, Nangolo met all the requirements, so that's why we had very little hesitation in granting him the license." Kinda Promotions was granted the boxing license by the Namibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board in October last year. The license is renewable after every 12 months. "When people organize sport events, they do so with the ultimate objective of socializing and leaving the spectators entertained as well as recognizing the exploits of those individual athletes for their heroic achievements," said the Deputy Minister of Youth, National Service Sport and Culture, Pohamba Shifeta. "Despite the odds stacked against many of our athletes, Namibia has always managed to produce top quality athletes especially in boxing, and as I'm talking now the boxing discipline will have a decent representation of three athletes at this year's Summer Olympics in Beijing, China." Shifeta called on sports administrators and athletes alike to maintain a high level of discipline at all times. "We need to exercise discipline in order to succeed and I would sincerely like to encourage athletes and their handlers to stay focused if they are to convince and attract potential sponsors. "Sport is our common denominator, a place where even enemies meet to ease the tension because through sport we have an opportunity to learn a great deal of social changes through exposition and interacting with other social beings from different backgrounds," concluded the youthful Deputy Minister.
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