• September 19th, 2018
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Do They Understand Democracy?

IT is interesting and lamentable to take note of the reaction of our former mayor and the other Swapo councillors after the election of a new Mayor in Town. Here, the question comes to mind: Do these people really understand the notion DEMOCRACY or the working of democracy at all? After all, wasn't it the aim of the fierce struggle of Swapo to establish true democracy? Here on this occasion, something could be seen that weakens all the efforts of the state president and his cabinet to entrench democracy. It was a very successful display of ignorance, of a non-willingness of participation in a public body meant to serve the whole of our town, inclusive of all those following Swapo. These people are ashamed now. We as inhabitants seriously doubt that this reaction of the ex-mayor and the other two councillors of Henties Bay is seen as positive by the ministry and Swapo leadership. It shows that the rejection of the personal wishes of those who left the board room prematurely by all the other councillors was based on good reasons. And the vulgar language of the old, rightfully rejected mayor used against the press was definitely never asked for. But of course, it "nicely' fits into the whole picture of that very same not so nice person whose manners we, the people of Henties Bay, all had to endure for too long. But at last, as always, the majority of the people in town got their way! Especially after the most, for the nation delightful, highly positive Walvis Bay speech of Mr Pohamba this all was, indeed, very disappointing. Let us now hope that the ruling party learned out of this local disaster to select their local foremen more carefully in future. It's the single "hair' in the proverbial board of soup that 'displeases' you so much that you reject the soup - not necessarily the soup itself. Die Vriendeskring in Hentiesbaai
2008-07-18 00:00:00 10 years ago
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