• September 21st, 2018
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Nored, MUN Sign Agreement

By Anna Ingwafa ONGWEDIVA The Northern Regional Electricity Distributor (Nored) has renewed its recognition and procedural agreement with the Mine Workers Union of Namibia (MUN) at Ongwediva. MUN assistant secretary general, Jonas Lumbu, said the desire to re-enter into the agreement is a commitment not to sacrifice the right of members as provided for in Section 58 (1) of the Namibian Labour Act, (Act 66 of 1992). "As a concerned organisation, we strongly feel that we cannot afford to sit on the fence and be watchers while there is a crying need for help to enhance the quality life of our people. In view of this, the Mineworkers Union of Namibia and Nored (Pty) Ltd committed themselves to re-enter into this recognition and procedural agreement in order to establish sound labour relations and set out principle guidelines and procedures regulating their differences," explained Lumbu. The re-signing of the recognition and procedural agreement between the two parties came after MUN was notified by Nored to adhere to Section 58 (1) of the labour Act, which states that the bargaining body should have 50 percent plus of the workforce. Currently, Nored has a staff compliment of 131 employees of which 75 percent are members of the MUN. Lumbu said the signing is part of the democratic culture developing in Namibia and borne out of the company's will to respect the right of its employees to associate and join any union of their choice. "At the same time, MUN recognises the right of the company to manage the business operations," he said. He congratulated MUN members at Nored and assured them that the union has proven beyond doubt that it can represent the right of its members. At the signing ceremony, Nored chief executive officer, Gottlieb Amanyanga, said the signing is a true milestone as a formal recognition agreement provides a framework for industrial relations within an organisation and sets out rules and procedures to be followed by the union and the employer in carrying consultations, collective bargaining and representation.
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