• September 21st, 2018
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NUNW Refutes National Strike Call

By Desie Heita Windhoek An umbrella union has refuted claims of a nationwide strike today to demonstrate against surging food and fuel prices. "The National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) refutes any connection to this e-mail and distances itself and its affiliates from the said e-mail," Moses Shiikwa, acting deputy secretary general of NUNW said. NUNW is asking the public not to pay attention to the e-mail. "We do not deal with issues in such manners," said Shiikwa. An e-mail whose origin seems to be South Africa, judging from the trail of forwarding e-mail addresses, started circulating last week warning members of the public not to go in Windhoek's central business district as "aggressive" demonstrators would hurt any shoppers on the day. "We have been warned by the union leaders not to go near town on this day. [Demonstrators] will be out in full force and will be aggressive towards anyone to [prove] their point. If you do need to drive, please be on the lookout. If you try to shop, they will hurt you because they are trying to boycott all shops to make their point," reads the phoney e-mail. Shiikwa said the content and tone of the said e-mail is alien and contrary to the style of the NUNW. "We never warn and threaten our members in a crude way," said Shiikwa. The NUNW said it is not ruling out a future demonstration over food and fuel price increases, as unions have done in other countries. For now, however, the umbrella union said it is "happy with Government actions" to zero-rate tax on certain foodstuffs. "We await and welcome the speedy implementation of the very important legislation," said Shiikwa.
2008-07-23 00:00:00 10 years ago
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