• September 21st, 2018
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MTC Invests Another N$300-m

By Staff Reporter Windhoek MTC said it is investing nearly N$300 million in its infrastructure since December last year. The money went into reinforcing short message capacity, the deployment of transmissions in various parts of the country and the replacement of the central switching equipment with a next generation architecture. The Managing Director of MTC, Miguel Geraldes, said the investments reinforce the company's capacity to deal with its ever-increasing client base. The investment into the short messages capacity is totalled at N$3,5 million and was done in conjunction with Intervoice. Transmissions were deployed in various locations in Windhoek, the coast and in the northern side of the country. The deployment of transmissions brought to an end MTC's long-standing business arrangement with Telecom, where MTC rented infrastructure from Telecom. MTC spent N$76 million on this exercise. Nera and Ericsson were the service providers. MTC also upgraded its radio access network and its broadband, in partnership with Nokia Siemens Network and Motorola at a cost of N$88 million. "[These investments] demonstrate our commitment to maintaining market leadership position and our commitment to Namibia," said Geraldes. Geraldes said MTC's investments in the last 13 years totals N$1,6 billion.
2008-07-24 00:00:00 10 years ago
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