• September 23rd, 2018
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Afrikaans Version of Greek Play on Cards

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The Afrikaans version of the classical Greek play, Oedipous, will be performed in early August at the National Theatre of Namibia, it was announced in a press statement. Maverick Namibian actor, Aldo Behrens, will portray the lead role of Belgium actress, Katrien Dalbaere. The production will be directed by Belgium theatre director, Ju Decaluwe, at the Tinnenpot Theatre in Ghent as part of a long-standing theatre exchange programme with Namibia. Greek mythology tells of the Apollo curse where the family of Greek king Laios was ordained that the crown prince, one Oedipous, would kill his father and marry his mother. "Once discovered Oedipous would then rip out his own eyes and be abandoned from his native Thebe. Apollo though granted him pardon towards the end of his life. He would find sanctuary in Colonus, the property of the Euminiden, the Wrath goddesses, where he would not die but be 'transfered' to Hades," she said. The well-known Greek dramatist Sophocles has with this as theme, written two ageless tragedies: Oedipous and Oedious in Colonus. "The equally well-known Belgium writer, Hugo Claus, who died earlier this year, has translated - into Flemish - and adapted the latter to Oidipoes in Kolonos. The challenge in the Hugo Claus' text is that it is written for only two characters - Oidipoes and Antigone (Oidipoes' daughter). However, Antigone, with various costumes also plays five other characters, namely that of a farmer, Ismene, (his other daughter), Kreon, (his successor), Theseus (the king of Athens) and Polineikes (his son)," she concluded. The Namibian premiere will take place on August 14 and 15 at the Back Stage of the Windhoek Theatre. The Belgian premiere will take place during the last week of September in Belgium.
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