• October 23rd, 2018
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Exit’s Go Hard or Go Home drops

[caption id="attachment_34424" align="alignright" width="110"]Exit who has just released  his latest and fourth album, Go Hard or Go Hard. Exit who has just released his latest and fourth album, Go Hard or Go Hard.[/caption] WINDHOEK-“It’s literally tinkling, its shaking and its touching!” David Shikalepo, Namibian multi-genre singer, can scarcely contain his excitement about the ‘best album in the country that Namibians has ever heard’! Go Hard or Go Home! That just dropped recently. The My Note Book hit maker known by his stage name of  Exit, has just reached another milestones releasing his long awaited 18-track fourth album that gives the impression of pumping it up in the country. Exit appeared on the music scene in 2006 and recorded his first album in 2008 with the Male Artist of the Year 2013 in the Namibia Annua Music Awards (NAMAs), Mushe as a duo. Having collectively recorded up to three massive albums, Exit went solo in 2011 since he wanted to do things on his own. Although many doubted him, he proved them all wrong with his first solo debut album, Alpha and Omega, which never disappointed. As from there, the music icon has been showing no intent of stopping. Here he is again, with his freshness and grooving album that have attracted many spectators, including some  neighboring countries such as Angola, Zamibia, Botswana and South Africa.   The album is featuring the legendary international artist, Shayman Shaizo from Zambia on the Are You Single? hit maker, and the likes of local artists such as Neslow, Kwaito Act The Dogg, the Hikwa master Sunny Boy, ML, Qondja, Pablo, Dingalo, Yashe Tati Pii, M-Jay, Sally and Rockaz Gang, respectively. The album openes up with what’s Your Agenda. In this song, Exit tries to express himself of what’s next on his agenda. Track 2, I Lied featuring Neslow, is a classic song, touching and in the slow motion. Go Hard or Go Home, Track 3 is the album’s title .  It contains a strong message  telling people to work harder.  Namibia to Zambia is complimented by the video and gives the introduction to the international songs that Exit wants to focus on in future.  Currently the album is selling like pan cakes and its available over the whole country in all Mono music shops.   By Pinehas Nakaziko
2013-08-23 14:59:16 5 years ago
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