• September 24th, 2018
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Shannon Paulse, epitome of confidence and success

  EENHANA – Paulse Shannon is a straight talker, a young lady who calls a spade a spade and never shies away from probing whoever to get the truth from his members of community listeners in Keetmanshoop.  This is the same young lady who keeps some Keetmashoop community leaders on their toes when she is hosting her shows at the Karas Community Radio, now popularly known by Namibian listeners as KFM. Life has not been easy for Paulse Shannon as her journey in the entertainment industry has been marred by ups and downs. However, she has not allowed challenges to deter her ambitions.  One can immediately tell that radio is her passion as her eyes lights up when she speaks about her presenting job. Shannon considers herself a strong and resilient young lady who is living her dream.  Many Keetmashoop listeners will remember her from the time she presents “New on lunch hour” a music show programme at the growing and now popular community radio station, KFM. “My career started some five months ago in April 2013 when I auditioned for the job and I landed the job, which I am now enjoying on a daily basis as a news reader and radio presenter,” she explains. Born on  August 10, 1993 in Keetmanshoop, Shannon grew up as a confident child who could stand in front of a crowd and perform.  It was in her junior school at St Martins Primary School from Grade 1 to 7 where she discovered social clubs like debating, which contributed to  building her self confidence.  She attended P. K. de Villiers from Grade 8 to 12. “I have won awards for English public speaking, some for the best speaker and some for outstanding overall best student,” she proudly recalls. Some of her friends called her a jack of all trades, as she was good at most activities during her school days.  She played netball, sang, represented the school in debates, and to top it all, she was once a head girl at school.  She later embarked on this interesting and popular job after she was persuaded by her community to go for it.  Little did she know that this was the beginning of a career that now pays her tuition fees at Southern Cross, where she is also currently pursuing for a Hotel and Hospitality course under the Namibian Training Authority (NTA).  She attends Southern Cross College on part time. “They gave me some news script to read while they recorded my voice, and after a few days, I was called in for a news reading job in which we research for news from our local Namibian newspapers.  Here I am now both as a news reader and music presenter.  I have now drawn many listeners who now call me “DJ Shannon”. Her first radio show was called “Lunch Hour Jam zone” from Monday to Friday, and now combines news reading.  Plans are underway for her to also host the breakfast show.  Having proven her talent and ability, she was offered show slots to host solo.  She held the afternoon live slots when the majority will be listening during the lunch hour, which has proved to be a hit with both young and adults alike. “The calls make me a happy presenter, and it shows that people in Keetmanshoop appreciate what I do for both the young and adults.  Preparing for a live radio show can be very difficult sometimes but l always make sure that I arrive an hour early, to prepare and research my topics, especially for the youths, prepare my playlists as Ido not have a producer,” she says.

Multi-talented is the word that best describes Shannon Paulse as she also surpasses in the writing and gathering of the news now.She now wants to conquer the Namibian radio personality scene.  She is inspired by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)’s main bulletin news anchor, a friend of her aunty, Franlin Thomas.  She is also highly motivated by life and admires people who persevere through difficult circumstances.

Her career is always highlighted when she interviews renowned Namibian musicians, like the Dogg, Gaza and Mushe, who visits Keetmanshoop for shows.  Members of Parliament and local councilors and senior managers of local companies also forms part of her interviews in town. “I often watch television and hear people, especially the youths about their challenges or downfalls and how they are able to pick themselves up.  I am inspired by resilient people,” she points out. Growing up, she did not like what her friends liked, she used to chill with the boys, and even her taste in music was different from all her peers. “My best music is of course old school.  That’s why I like listening to Radio personalities like Mario Lock of the NBC English National Radio, although we can be competitors.   They should watch out this space because I am here to challenge them as well.  I listen to Marvin Gay, Beyonce and other soul music, apart from the local musicians like Gazza and the female multi-award winner,  Blossoms,” she says Any time soon the NBC calls for radio or TV auditions, she will pack her bags for the interviews, and can’t wait for the NBC auditions.  She plans to enroll for Media and Communication studies while she will be working for her KFM radio. On whether it pays well to be a community radio presenter, the young and beautiful presenter says she is currently at the stage of her career where money just does not really matter. “I am too busy loving entertaining people to think of the money being too little or too much”.  Well, if only other starters could think like this young presenter with all qualities to conquer the world, Namibian entertainment industry would be at another level thus far. KFM is broadcasting in Karas only at 102. FM.   By Clemence Tashaya [caption id="attachment_34442" align="alignleft" width="110"]The young KFM radio presenter, Shannon Paulse (20) who has attracted a huge listenership at KFM since her appointment in April this year. The young KFM radio presenter, Shannon Paulse (20) who has attracted a huge listenership at KFM since her appointment in April this year.[/caption]
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