• April 25th, 2019
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The game is not over for D-jay

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

WINDHOEK- Local Hip-Hop artist, D-jay, real name Diogene Ochs, may have been away from the public eye for a while now but he is definitely back, and this time with hopes of changing the music scene with his new single Namibia Worldwide featuring Ponti and Diop. The single is about taking the Namibian music industry to the next level. It has a combination of Oviritje sound, some powerful African drums to it with a very catchy melody. With this single, D-jay, who is signed under Izinyoka Entertainment, says it should be a wakeup call to all the sleeping giants in the Hip-Hop market. “It’s different from what everybody is doing, and that’s why the hype is there. I’ve been working closely with producer Arafat, and we just came up with something different. That’s what the industry need, a change,” says D-jay. D-jay adds that they put in so much into their music but nothing comes out of it but he plans going worldwide as he is tired of the industry. “I am kind of tired of this little industry of ours. I have seen it all. I have three albums out, we put in about N$100,000 in these albums but it’s the same thing every releases. It’s time to make real money. I want to be bigger than this, the world should know me and my album should be sold across the country,” he determines. D-jay enjoys being an artist, as it makes him feel appreciated. “The best thing of being an artist is being heard, everyone wants to be heard and I’m lucky enough to have a large crowd of people listening to my music, and relating to what I’m saying and at the same time relating to it. There’s nothing better than seeing how others appreciate your work,” says he adding that there are also cons in becoming a successful artist, especially on the local scene. “The hardest part is the hell that you go through before you make it big but it’s not supposed to be like that at all. This is the career I chose, I love it, I’ve learnt a lot from it and I will try my best to make sure that I open doors for the next generation, and be remembered for it,” D-jay says. He urges people to start working together to get the industry going. “There is no teamwork. The only way to make this industry a better one is by working together, to change our industry for the better.” D-jay is currently working on his Champion album, which will be released by the end of this year.   By Selma Neshiko
New Era Reporter
2013-08-30 11:28:12 5 years ago

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