• April 19th, 2019
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Batswana select new leader

WINDHOEK - The Batswana in Namibia have selected a new paramount chief more than one year following the death of long-serving Paramount Chief Constance Letang Kgosiemang. The late Kgosiemang died due to a sudden cardiac arrest on 16 August, 2012. At the age of 31 Andrew Kgosiemang becomes the youngest chief in the history of the Batswana and is expected to be installed early next year at Mokaleng (Aminuis Roman Catholic Mission). The chief-designate is the last born son of the late chief and his wife. According to George Sechogele, Chairman of the Batswana ba Namibia Royal House and traditional councillor, the constitution and traditions of the Batswana people dictate that the eldest son born in matrimony should succeed the chief. Sechogele said Andrew was old enough to take over the chieftaincy and if there are any doubts or shortcomings, he would be sent to a traditional school in Kuruman in South Africa where he could learn the cultural ways of the Batswana. “But we do not see the need. We can show him and guide him,” he added. He said last Saturday when the new chief was introduced to the community at Mokaleng (Aminuis RC), a concerned group attempted to disrupt the meeting by way of demonstarting its disapproval, but failed to offer valid or convincing reasons for their objections. Andrew graduated from the Academia High School in Windhoek in 2002 after which he followed a career in information technology.


Andrew Kgosiemang (31) is set to succeed his late father and to become the youngest ever Paramount Chief of the Batswana in Namibia.   By Magreth Nunuhe
New Era Reporter
2013-09-11 22:28:30 5 years ago

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