• September 22nd, 2018
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FNB budgets N$9.5 million for new ATMs

Features, Archived, Business & Finance
Features, Archived, Business & Finance

WINDHOEK - First National Bank Namibia has budgeted N$9.5 million to replace 138 automated teller machines (ATMs) throughout the country. The process started in 2012 and is 94 percent complete with only 12 ATMs remaining to be replaced in the country. Brandon Brock, Manager of FNB's ATM Department, explained that the bank is in the process of replacing all old model ATMs with completely new ATMs, as opposed to upgrading them. At the same time FNB Namibia is also upgrading the look and feel of the ATM sites with a modern design. According to Vicky Muranda, FNB's Group Manager for Communications, the replacement of ATMs forms part of FNB Namibia’s strategy and promise to invest in offering Namibians world-class banking solutions and the latest in self-service banking solutions in order to provide greater access to safe, affordable and convenient channels. “Technology is always improving and the old model ATMs are reaching the end of their useful life. To ensure that FNB stays at the forefront of technological advancement it has become necessary to replace the older devices. This improvement will result in a highly scalable platform and advanced hardware, which will enable FNB to further enhance the scope of self-service features available at ATMs in the future. The new ATMs will also be more energy efficient, allowing the bank to reduce its carbon footprint and impact on the Namibian environment,” added Brock. FNB has stressed that the new ATM’s will also ensure that transactions will be faster with improved security enhancements, including anti-skimming technologies built into them. The screen resolution of the new ATMs is also improved, making it easier to navigate through the menus. According to the bank it is continually identifying new sites where the demand has outgrown what is on offer. Said Brock: “Our commitment to growing our ATM footprint remains and we are happy to say that one such site is Rundu where we will heed customers’s calls for more ATM’s in the near future.”     By Staff Reporter  
2013-10-03 09:51:15 4 years ago
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