• October 21st, 2018
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What have you done for your country?

By Gerson Sindano PHILOSOPHERS  argue that a nation’s development depends entirely on what its people think. And history tells us that people can make their countries great with their thinking and dreaming (China is a good example). Good citizens are, without doubt, the prospective heirs of a nation. So it is the responsibility of the society to ensure that good citizens are highly equipped with sound moral, economical and political views. The 21st century politics dictate that citizens are only able to play significant role in a state if they are psychologically alert, physically sound, and morally and spiritually awake. Now, the big question to all grown-up Namibians is since you were born what have you done for your country? Surely some would say they fought for and liberated the country. Some would argue that they have come a long way and that they have seen so much – so much that they cannot even remember their contribution to their country. Additionally, how do you want to be remembered shortly after you kiss farewell to this beautiful planet and what legacy do you want to leave behind? The future prosperity and welfare of Namibia depends entirely on every citizen’s contribution. You can contribute by lending a helping hand to those in need; you can contribute by extending your hand to reach those far from reach. You can contribute by praying for a warm blanket of justice for those who are in the legal cold. And you can contribute by exposing those who use their massive wealth to twist the arm of justice. It is our collective responsibility as citizens to not put our physical strength to wastage such as crime but rather use our every energy to build roads and other necessary physical infrastructure. For those who are talkative but the strength of their arm is undesirable, you too are talented, use your talkative skills to spread the message of love and hope. For those who are short-tempered, do not pounce on women and children but rather use your anger to fight evil spirits in your community. It is observed in politics that the people who so often fight for human rights, never wish to take up the irritating pain of responsibility when called upon. The same energy we use to demand what is due to us from others should be used to demand what is due to others from us. We cannot afford to stand aloof while others  build this nation. I call upon all Namibians from every corner of our republic to stand firm as brothers and sisters, to build this country from the remotest village of Muketela in Zambezi Region to the periphery of Oranjemund. If all of us can emulate the example of a hardworking unemployed young man such as Ngunda Matheus who resides in the forgotten remote area of Sharukwe, Kavango West, we will be able to build this nation to stand the test of time and for posterity. The story of Ngunda Matheus is so dignifying and moving, because he wakes up every morning and strides briskly across a dusty road and heads to the mahangu field to slush bushes with the hope that early rain reported in Windhoek could bring a glimmer of hope for him, his family and the entire country. Such young man must be commended in Namibia. For comment contact me at gersindano@gmail.com Gerson Sindano is a final year Master of Arts in English student in the Department of Language and Literature Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Namibia (Unam).
2013-10-08 11:28:21 5 years ago
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