• January 21st, 2019
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Samsung donates equipment to education

SAMSUNG handed over a solar powered internet school (SPIS)  and solar powered generator costing N$1.7 million to the Ministry of Education last month. Theo Senekal, Country Manager of Samsung Namibia, noted: “In accordance with its belief that business can prosper only when the society within which it operates remains healthy, Samsung Electronics maintains a wide range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in order to help build a better society for all. Most notably, Samsung has been carrying out its Hope for Children campaign across the globe since 2011 to provide youth with opportunities for better health and education through information technology. Samsung Electronics will continue to expand its CSR activities that benefit children world-wide, and the company will further enrich its efforts through collaboration not only with employees but also with customers and local communities around the world.” Senekal said that in Africa and specifically Namibia Samsung continues to look after the health, well-being and education of the youth and that the hand-over was an example of that.   The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Alfred Ilukena, speaking off the cuff, thanked Samsung for its generosity and said that he saw a solar powered internet school for the first time at Victoria Falls in 2011 and was impressed with its functionality. The container is headed for the Erongo Region, Kathora School (grades 1-7) at Spitzkoppe village. Samsung Africa launched its first SPIS in Botswana about a year ago.  This was a world first, designed for use in remote rural areas with limited or no access to electricity. On average, less than 25 percent of rural areas on the African continent benefit from electricity. Thus, isolated and remote communities are left with limited access to education and connectivity – both of which are key to fast-tracking education. Samsung has combined its ‘Built for Africa’ products to offer a workable solution. The use of the SPIS goes beyond the traditional school classroom use as it can be used as an adult education centre, a remote government office or a community research centre as well.   The solar generator handed over by Samsung is the equivalent of a 15KVA diesel generator with a silent pack. It however can run for 24 hours a day and the batteries will last for a minimum of seven years. If compared to a diesel generator, it requires very little maintenance and will yield its return on investment in about 2.5 years.   By Staff Reporter
New Era Reporter
2013-10-10 11:12:21 5 years ago

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