• January 21st, 2019
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Celebrating 50 years with charity work

Archived, Business & Finance
Archived, Business & Finance

WINDHOEK – Chartered accounting firm BDO worked to raise awareness for various causes last Friday when the Namibian Blood Transfusion Services stationed its mobile blood drawing unit in Windhoek West, Windhoek. On the day, the transfusion services drew blood from 25 BDO staff members as a donation.   “With the festive season around the corner it is important for the Namibian Blood Transfusion Services to collect as much blood as possible. We are very proud of the people who decided to donate blood at our offices and the extreme measures that our BDO team was willing to go to, to make sure we meet our target,” said the statement from BDO.   The firm marks its 50th anniversary this year and as part of the celebrations all BDO staff are taking part in the ‘50 for 50’ campaign that aims to assist various charities. In addition to blood donations, BDO staff raised awareness about leukaemia and breast cancer. As last Friday was also Pink Day and Bandana Day for cancer and leukaemia awareness, people at BDO wore pink in light of the occasion. They also purchased many of the pink goodies available from the Cancer Association of Namibia. Bandana Day is an initiative organised by the Sunflower Fund and aims to raise funds for people diagnosed with leukaemia. To support the fund the people from BDO purchased the bandanas available at Pick n’ Pay and wore them to raise awareness about leukaemia.   By Staff Reporter
New Era Reporter
2013-10-15 10:37:08 5 years ago

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