• January 21st, 2019
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Popya with Kandiwapa Aron

Youth Corner, Archived
Youth Corner, Archived

Witty, energetic and beautiful this Miss Energy 2013, Kandiwapa Aron, was born in Swakopmund where she started her schooling at Festus Gonteb Primary School for her first two grades before moving to Okahandja KW Von Marius Primary School to do her third and fourth grade. She then moved on to Otjiwarongo where she did her fifth year at Spes Bona Primary School before completing her primary education at the Peoples Primary School in Windhoek. “Despite attending schools away from home, Swakopmund was always my home, and I would go back every holiday before my mother relocated to Okahandja later on. Growing up I was an athlete, I used to run a lot and did well in long jump besides being very short.” Kandiwapa then moved to Windhoek were she completed her high school at the Concordia College. She added that being in the hostel made her open up, as many of the children came from different backgrounds and cultures, this time also prepared her to fend and take care of herself. “Swakopmund is the one place that I can honestly say that made me walk, growing up in Swakopmund we never went into a cars, we used to stay in Mondesa right, and we would walk from Mondesa to the beach and after swimming we would walk back again, it was like we would walk everywhere,” Kandiwapa recalls her earlier years. In 2010 Kandiwapa enrolled at the University of Namibia (Unam) were she registered for Business Administration. She is currently in her third year of this programme. Kandiwapa has always aspired to become a business woman, and her chosen course would equipped her best in running her business own business in future. Kandiwapa also took up tennis and has been playing for the past three years at Unam. “Last year we went to South Africa and competed, I just love the game and it is how I keep fit and keeps me on my toes. We also call it the royal sport.” Kandiwapa started modelling or beauty pageants in grade three at KW Von Marius Primary School when her care taker at the time entered her for the school’s pageant, which she went on to win. Kaandiwapa then moved onto dancing and has showcased her moves at the Zula Championships with her group winning the championship in her Grade 8 year. Kandiwapa also took part in the Miss Concordia College being crowned Second Princess and won Miss Junior Achievement before taking the crown as Miss Energy. Kandiwapa plans taking part in Miss Namibia but right now has her mind set on fulfilling her role as Miss Energy. “I would love to travel the world. I want to travel so that I can see what is out there. I go out there, see what other countries are doing and bring it back to my country to help Namibia become a better and developed country.” “We as the youth are very young and we are the face of Namibia and whatever abilities or skills we are blessed with, we should bring it forth and not sit at home and waste them. We should work together to develop our country, because if not us who else will?” Kandiwapa advises her fellow youth. By Kevin Kamati
New Era Reporter
2013-10-16 13:52:51 5 years ago

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