• December 9th, 2018
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Eugene, an enthusiastic graphic designer

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

WINDHOEK- Young and talented graphic designer, Eugen Simeon, is just another great interview subject to reach the artistic pages. He  was born in Oshakati and  moved to Windhoek in 1999 to further his studies. Eugen is a down to earth, witty and naturally shy guy. The 23-year-old is a self-taught graphic designer and an IT graduate, who has a wonderfully fresh take on design, which has earned him clients like Fishman, The Dogg, Miss-H, M-jay, Antonio’s Art and many others. Get to know more about Eugen as he shares his passion, inspiration and design philosophy. How’s your the typical day in your  life  like? I’m a computer person, so I’m most of the time in front of my PC designing, reading or listening to music. When did you start designing? Have you always been into graphic design? I was really never interested in designing and didn’t know that much about it until my time at Lingua College as an IT student. I was much more into composing music, which I still do, I then wondered how people did all these manipulated pictures, posters and motion graphics I see on the internet. I then got fascinated so I did my research and started trying out things.   What was the first thing to prick your interest in the creative industry? Local designs such as posters, ads and newspapers. I’ve seen few here and there and I thought I could do better. I gave it a shot and everything turned out well for me.   What kind of designing do you do? All types of designing such as corporate identity like logos, branding, company profiles, CD profiles and marketing materials like websites, banners, brochures label(carton) designs or anything you could think of that falls under graphics designing.   If you know you’re not going to be able to meet a deadline (for whatever reason), what do you do? How do you handle it? I always try my outmost best   to meet my deadlines, if not then I call up my clients to notify them, sometimes you just have to offer a cheaper price  than the normal, give discount and make them happy.   How does social media and networking work in your daily working life? Do you use it more to promote your work or just socially with friends? Both ways, that’s where I mostly get to meet and interact with my clients and also promote my work. At the same time I catch up with friends that are thousands of miles away from home. It’s a good platform for promoting and helps a lot, after all it’s free.   What are the ups and downs of graphic design as a career? Probably working on something, putting much effort in it and ending up being disappointed; clients not paying or coming back to you or when my computer crashes, that’s a Big blow.   What are your most popular projects? I love everything I do but I have worked with bigger organisations, on government projects, things like Memorial Service programmes for dignitaries. This makes me feel that my creativity is loved and needed somewhere. I worked with  few artists but I’d say maybe The Dogg’s latest offering, Live or Die album since it’s the latest.   What is the most enjoyable thing about being a graphic designer? Making money in a short  time, so when you are a designer you never go broke. (Laugh out loud), and  expressing   yourself through your designs.   Does your environment influence your designs? Where do you usually find inspiration? Yes, I’d usually look at things around me and try to do something better, when I’m in a dark room then my mind is set on one thing and I think more clearly.   Which designers and creative minds were your biggest inspirations growing up? I’d say Nessy Hilifilwa from Studio77. I’ve always wondered where he gets these massive ideas from, his designs are unique and when you look at something he did, you would know it’s him. What projects are you working on right now? I’m working on several CDs’ covers for local artists, company profiles and a website for a certain town council.   Who would be your five favourite people to follow on Twitter? Piers Morgan, Trevor Noah, the Dogg, Kevin Hart and Keri Hilson.   Last words for those who planning getting into this career? It’s not always easy, have faith in whatever you do, it takes time and dedication, have faith in yourself, good or bad, keep pushing.  You will always be criticised anyways. Don’t let criticism define who you are.   Where can people find you? My twitter handle is @Eugenificient, Facebook page: Eugenificient Media group or simply contact me at 0813176966 or eugenjunior@gmail.com     By Selma Neshiko
New Era Reporter
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