• January 23rd, 2019
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Musicians unite against crime!

WINDHOEK-Various local musicians  with the Namibian Police on Tuesday launched the musicians against crime network  at the Mojoes Café.   According to the musician’s spokesperson, Zox Labushcagne, with the large fan base and a good standing in society, musicians want to try and combat crime using their status as well as spread the message through their music.   “It’s our responsibility to make sure our people are safe and we need to combat and reduce crime in this country. We are not going to shy away from responsibilities but we will help combat these crimes,” says Zox.Songbird Martha Namundjebo, also known as Lady May says crime is like a disease and we might end up without a cure if we don’t act now. “As artists we cannot allow the police to fight crime alone. I believe we also can do our part.  We have to put the word out there. Let’s help one another because only we as one person can we make this world a better place,” says Lady May.   “We as artists want to talk to the youth through performances. The fight is on to fight crime because if we can change their mind then we can save the nation,” Kwaito artist Kangumbe ‘Uno-Boy’ Marthin adds.   Namibian Police chief , Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, says  musicians are struggling to put meat on the table but whatever they get at the end of the day gets stolen. “In many cases there are loop holes that benefit only offenders but once these holes are identified, the law can send a very strong message to these offenders,” says Ndeitunga. Ndeitunga adds that unity is important because it is power, knowledge, victorious and success. “We have to live by example. If we are fighting crime then we should not involve ourselves in these crimes. People do not want to unite but we at the Namibian Police are ready to work with you, don’t hesitate to call any of the commanders. We should also come up with a strategy or law for pirated music. We ask politicians to work with us as well,” he appeals.   Safety and Security Ministe , Erastus Uutoni says there is no doubt that this initiative will work. “This tool is virtual too combating crime because much can be done through music,” says Uutoni who was the guest speaker at the occasion urging artists to do something and to be good ambassadors by spreading good music. “You can design a song that will attract a number of youth, majority of those will be the once committing crime but just by listening to a good song they can change their minds on committing those crimes. You are the role models of the young once, so sing and sing more until crime no longer exist in our country.” he says.
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2013-10-18 15:11:45 5 years ago

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