• January 19th, 2019
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Besieged Usakos CEO reinstated

Features, Archived, Erongo
Features, Archived, Erongo

USAKOS - The   Usakos Town Council has re-instated its CEO Gruzi Isaak Goseb after he served a three-month unpaid suspension. The beleaguered CEO has been on unpaid suspension since June this year. The re-instatement was done on recommendations made by the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development,  (Retired) Major-General Charles Namoloh about two weeks ago. The CEO who was suspended on June 6 this year for allegedly disregarding council resolutions, eventually returned to office on October 8 after he was instructed by the line ministry to spearhead his own re-instatement, after officials that were instructed to do so took too long, sources told New Era newspaper. Goseb’s re-instatement was done after the minister dispatched a team of three top investigating officials to Usakos to conduct an intensive investigation into the alleged allegations as well as to reconcile the suspended CEO and the council. The mayor of Usakos Gustaf !Hoaeb confirmed the re-instatement of Goseb last week Wednesday, saying they acted on the minister’s recommendation, which was done with council members and the investigating team after lengthy deliberation that lasted three days. “It was recommended that we re-instate Goseb and continue with the charges against him if we wish to do so.  However, we decided to reconcile and drop all charges leveled against Goseb for the benefit of  Usakos and its inhabitants,” the mayor explained to New Era. Goseb also confirmed during an interview that he was re-instated on written advice by the minister.  He said he was also advised by the investigating team to spearhead his own re-instatement as the people that would have seen to it were taking too long. “Yes I’m back in office after instructions by the minister to facilitate a meeting with the council,” sighed Goseb in relief. He also said he was suspended without a salary. “It’s only through a legal fight that I was paid recently for the three months I was suspended and I only received my official re-instatement letter on Monday,” he said. Goseb’s suspension was as a result of him opposing a council decision to use already strained council funds to participate in the Namibian Local Authorities' Sports and Recreation Association (NALASRA) games that were held in Lüderitz in June this year. Goseb during that period through a letter reminded the management committee that the council was experiencing serious financial challenges and was already struggling to pay creditors, including NamWater. He then advised council that participating would not be in the best interest of the council. His recommendation prompted the council's management committee to suspend him from his duties at its meeting held on May 20. The meeting also resolved that the town council should participate in the games, and that a total of N$48 876 be made available for councillors and employees of the town council towards attending the games.   By Eveline de Klerk
New Era Reporter
2013-10-22 09:22:01 5 years ago

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