• January 19th, 2019
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DTA prepares for elections

Politics, Features, Archived
Politics, Features, Archived

RUNDU - The DTA of Namibia’s regional coordinator in the Kavango regions, Vincent Kanyetu, who is now the party’s Secretary General, says his new position will not in any way hamper the party’s campaign in the region as the DTA readies itself for elections. The DTA is among the political parties that will lock horns with the Swapo Party in next year’s parliamentary and presidential polls. Currently the DTA only holds two seats in parliament compared to the 21 seats it captured in the first democratic elections in 1989, when its campaign tools included barrels of free brandy and free sausages and roasted meat for voters. Kanyetu is now based permanently at the party headquarters in Windhoek and Boniface Kashera has been appointed as the acting regional coordinator until such a time that a new full time coordinator is elected. Critics say the timing to move Kanyetu to Windhoek could prove costly for the party, especially during the campaign period for the upcoming general and presidential elections, because Kanyetu has been vocal and proactive when it comes to luring new members to the party in the region. The party lost more mobilization power last week when its former SG, Alois Gende, resigned to join the All People’s Party (APP). The DTA and the APP are the ruling party’s main competitors in the Kavango regions. Gende was one of the DTA’s longest serving Members of Parliament and is known to have many followers who are likely to follow him to the APP. Kanyetu told New Era yesterday that Gende’s resignation and his own posting to Windhoek will not affect the party’s campaign plans in any way. “There are people with better leadership qualities and mobilization abilities than me, so the party will not suffer in any way. As for Gende, his departure will not be felt in any way after leaving a national party to join a regional party,” he said. “Since his resignation, we have had countless numbers of people joining the party. We thank him for all he did for the party and wish him all the best,” Kanyetu said. According to Kanyetu no date has been determined yet for a regional conference to elect a new coordinator, but promised that after the party’s policy conference next month, a date will be fixed for the election. “Although there is an acting coordinator, I will continue to do my work until a new coordinator is elected,” he said. By Mathias Haufiku
New Era Reporter
2013-10-22 09:37:50 5 years ago

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