• January 19th, 2019
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Entrepreneur opens beauty parlor

Archived, National, Kavango West
Archived, National, Kavango West

RUNDU – The newest beauty shop in Rundu was recently opened by an industrious and energetic young woman, who wants to ensure her female patrons not only look good but also get value for money.

Fiona Njekwa (26) owns and operates the Perola Beauty Parlor and employs four people where they offer services such as ozone therapy, massages, hair treatment, manicures, pedicures and make-up. Njekwa says the massage and ozone therapies present an excellent platform for members of the public to take care of and heal their bodies without taking tablets. “We do not seem to realize that by drinking pills we are intoxicating our bodies. Soon pills will not cure ailments such as migraine because the body will become resistant to it. So why not use a more natural way to stay healthy without intoxicating your body,” explained Njekwa. “I am not a physician so people must not come to me with prescriptions from the doctor and expect me to cure them,” she said jokingly. She said her target clients include youth who want to look lavish and women who simply want to be pampered by their fiancé. “I am also calling on elders to come and make use of our massage facilities because it will ease tension in their bodies and at the same time enhance blood flow,” she lured other potential clients. Said Njekwa: “The nation always says the youth are lazy, so now I m urging everyone to come and support this upcoming local business.” “This is just the start because I am looking at a bigger project. I want to acquire land and build a spa.” Opening her own beauty shop at age 26 was made possible by support of family, Njekwa said, as her father availed his financial resources so that her business could get off the ground. “I started this business in a garage but the space was too small for all my equipment.”  She told New Era her salon also caters for men as there will be a unisex barber who trims men’s hair and beards. “I want my business to be professional, and that is why I encourage my workers to be professional at all times,” she enthused. By Mathias Haufiku
New Era Reporter
2013-10-23 12:48:34 5 years ago

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