• January 19th, 2019
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Kids ready to show their trading skills

Youth Corner, Archived
Youth Corner, Archived

WINDHOEK- Ten Bank Windhoek BizzKids finalists are to showcase their entrepreneurial skills for two days during the Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair and Family Expo, on November 1-2  at the SKW Sports Grounds in Olympia. The Bank Windhoek BizzKids Competition is aimed at educating the youth about entrepreneurship and to instil in them an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. These young entrepreneurs realise that it is an excellent opportunity for them to put their great business ideas to the test and to have fun, while learning the ropes of business, and a chance to make money, all that on top of the chance to win great prizes.  Seven- year- old Lia Jansen, from Gymnasium Pre-Primary School, is going to trade as “Lia se Goeterjasie.” She loves dancing and takes modern dance. She enjoys listening to music as well as being creative with her mother and grandmother. “My grandmother is a painter and I enjoy painting with her.  My mother and I like doing beading together and making our own birthday cards and cookies” says Lia who likes anything pink, purple and girly. “I am a little shy in front of people that I do not know and therefore, I decided that it would be good to sell my craft products at the Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair and Family Expo, so that I can build self-confidence and share my creative ideas with other people. We all thought of a name for the stand, but because there are different things that I'm making, we decided to go with ‘Lia se Goeterjasie’”, says Lia. From the brother and sister team, are Jana (11) and Tiaan Hein (9) from the Holy Cross Convent School who both are going to trade as “Ja-Ti Crafts”,.  Jana enjoys reading books, playing on the piano, making crafts, baking, and cycling, while Tiaan enjoys playing outside with his “kettie” and marbles, making crafts, and playing chess. “We entered the Bank Windhoek BizzKids Competition because it sounded exciting, interesting and lots of fun.  We would like to earn some money.  If we win first place at the Kidz Fun Fair and Family Expo, we can get some money for our school as well”, says Tiaan. “We are going to manage our own stall without our parents’ help.  We are excited to see which products sell and to work with the money like real business people. We are also excited to see our competitors’ products and stalls,” adds Jana.  
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