• January 19th, 2019
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SPYL suspends Maurus Nekaro

Politics, Archived, National, Kavango East
Politics, Archived, National, Kavango East

RUNDU - The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) in the Kavango Region last weekend suspended its regional secretary on grounds of alleged “incompetency”. Maurus Nekaro was suspended last Saturday for allegedly failing to address burning issues plaguing the youth in the two Kavango regions. The youth league appointed its regional treasurer, Annacleta Kudumo, as the acting regional secretary. “Yes we have suspended Comrade Nekaro, as for now we are just waiting for directives from our National Executive Committee (NEC) in order to find a replacement,” said the SPYL’s regional secretary for information, publicity and mobilisation, Petrus Kashumali. He was speaking to New Era on Monday afternoon at the SPYL headquarters in the region. Nekaro was suspended while attending to other party activities in Windhoek after 15 of the 22 regional executive committee (REC) members met and resolved to suspend him. One of the conditions attached to the suspension is that he may not enter the SPYL’s offices unless he is accompanied by two regional executive committee members. “Several times the REC has tried to advise the comrade to improve, but nothing has changed. The REC therefore moved a vote of no confidence and calls for an extraordinary regional conference to elect someone who will serve the interest of the youth in the region,” said Kashumali. Kashumali said the decision to suspend Nekaro had nothing to do with personal differences and neither power struggles, but it is simply aimed at ensuring a competent leader is appointed to attend to youth activities. “The comrade does not even give feedback when he attends meetings where he represents the youth. Whenever the REC decides on something which he is against, he refuses to relay it to the mother body,” he said. “If a leader in the party is not performing, surely the party will suffer …. this we cannot allow. If you look at other SPYLs in the regions, you see how vocal they are and advocating for the youth, but our secretary is not doing any of that,” he said. Contacted for comment, Nekaro said:  “I am busy right now, will call you back later.” By Mathias Haufiku
New Era Reporter
2013-10-23 12:21:46 5 years ago

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