• January 21st, 2019
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Judgment day for Schieffer

Crime and Courts, Archived
Crime and Courts, Archived

WINDHOEK - Romeo Schieffer who was convicted on October 03 for the coldblooded murder of both his parents in their home in Khomasdal will today hear how many years he will have to spend behind bars. Today’s sentence Judge Naomi Shivute should take into consideration the approximately five years and nine months Schieffer has already spent in jail as a trial-awaiting prisoner. While the young convict’s state appointed defence counsel Advocate Winnie Christiaans implored the judge to treat Schieffer as a youthful offender, state prosecutor Belinda Wantenaar argued that the court should treat him as a mature offender when considering sentence. On enquiry Christiaans said that he expects a sentence in the region of 20 years given the age of Schieffer at the time of the incident. Mirroring the sentiments of Christiaans was the aunt and uncle of Schieffer who testified during the hearing of arguments in mitigation of sentence. Renate Snyders who is the biological sister of Schieffer senior, told Judge Shivute that Romeo was an obedient child and not capable of such an act. Her sentiments were echoed by Albertus Marais who is the biological brother of the mother of Romeo Schieffer. During the trial various family members including Schieffer's siblings and friends also expressed similar sentiments, all of them testifying that Schieffer was very close to his parents and that they found it hard to believe that he could have done such deed. Schieffer who was 19 at the time of the murders was convicted of killing both his parents, Frans and Fransiena Schieffer who were both 50 years old at the time of their demise at their home in Khomasdal on January 18, 2008. He was also convicted of theft for stealing his mother's ATM card. Schieffer Snr was found with one bullet wound to the head and his wife on the floor next to him with nine bullet wounds and numerous stab wounds. A broken-off knife blade was found in her neck.   By Roland Routh  
New Era Reporter
2013-10-24 11:40:19 5 years ago

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