• January 23rd, 2019
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Satanism on the web goes down south

KEETMANSHOOP - Karasburg High School has launched a probe into claims its learners used its computers to download content related to satanism, leading to the demonic possession of three female learners last week Friday. Director of Education in the Karas Region /Awebahe //Hoeseb confirmed that an investigation is underway, adding that a set of keys has been confiscated from the ICT teacher, Martha Afrikaner. “We are not investigating the school or Ms Afrikaner, we are only investigating to establish whether these girls used the computers in the classroom or the computers in the public library to download material on satanism. We wanted the keys so that we can have access to the classroom and for the technician to inspect the computers. She refused to hand the keys over, which is subordination and wrong because the principal is the head of the school,” //Hoeseb explained. Gerhard Hoon the principal confirmed the investigation, but explained that the directive to investigate the claims came from the regional education office after he informed them  about an incident linked to satanism, involving the alleged demonic possession of a female learner, that took place at the school last Friday. Afrikaner’s refusal to hand over the keys compelled the principal to call in the assistance of the police at some point. Afrikaner also confirmed that staff from the regional education office visited the school during which a technician was assigned to search the computers in her classroom. The probe comes three days after three female learners at the school were apparently found to be possessed by demons, some of them admitting that they had used the computers to download material from the internet about selling one’s soul to the devil. Afrikaner, however scoffed at the allegations, saying she is not even offended by the allegations that she inspired the learners to get involved in occultism or satanism, because she is a born-again Christian and the wife of a pastor. One of the possessed learners is said to have approached the teacher to pray for her. “I think she wanted me to pray for her because I am a born-again Christian. The thing is I am their ICT teacher and there is internet in my classroom and they are surfing it, but they never visited satanic websites under my watch. I understand that one of the girls (name withheld) went to the library and filled in a form on ’How to sell my soul to satan’ and one of her friends came to tell me about it. So, I told the ladies at the library to please pay close attention to the children when they go there, but they told me that it is difficult because the children are too many,” Afrikaner explained in response to a question why the possessed girl requested her to pray for her during the apparent demonic fits. Fredericks also noted that she has since learned that one of the girls confided in her mother claiming that she had indeed filled in a form in the ICT laboratory or classroom to sell her soul to the devil, Afrikaner however denied any knowledge of that. “This story could have been solved if the principal just admitted earlier that it exists and that the issue should be addressed. There was the other girl last year who attempted suicide and we told the principal, but he insisted that it is not true. Even after Mr Jan Pienaar went to the place to confirm did Mr Hoon deny that it exists,” she said, noting further that as a mother of seven children she would never think of joining a satanic cult or any cult for that matter. Matron of the Karasburg High School Hostel, Sanna Williams, who spoke to New Era last Friday afternoon confirmed the incident and explained that one of the three girls who were allegedly possessed by demons for two days refused to utter a word about the incident. According to Williams rumours that Karasburg has become a hotspot for demonic rendezvous has been doing the rounds since last year. It was however only on Thursday last week that the community witnessed the phenomenon first-hand. “Yes, it is true we have the girls here and a pastor from each denomination to pray for the girls. We are now busy with the one who has been in that trance since yesterday, but the demon refused to come out. She does not want to talk she is only writing now. She was pointing at children who are in it with her,” Williams said on Friday. She also said there is a belief that there is a certain place at the town, where young people involved in satanism come together. “She wrote down that there is a certain boy called Sylvester, who lied to her that he is a child of God, but in reality he is busy killing her and has offered her to Satan,” Williams noted, adding that they tried to take the girl who is currently in Grade 8 to the hospital for observation, but the girl grew anxious and is refusing to cooperate. According to an account by one of the pastors who asked to remain anonymous, the girl’s demon induced scribbling and suggests to her that learners involved in the cult are obliged to drink the blood of cats and are also compelled during such activities to ‘offer’ children. He could not provide more details however, about how the practice started and how long the girls have been involved in it.    

By Jemima Beukes

New Era Reporter
2013-10-24 11:45:28 5 years ago

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