• January 20th, 2019
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Fire completely destroys school

BERSEBA - A fire totally razed the Kutenhoas Primary School at Kutenhoas village in the Berseba district. According to Melissa Stein, a teacher at the school, the seven-classroom school building, including an administration office, burnt down to the ground within minutes. “The fire started in the storeroom and then moved to the library where it completely destroyed the ceiling and roof. At the time the wind also started blowing which made the fire worse,” related the shocked teacher explaining that it was difficult to tell what could have started the fire. “It is difficult to say what started the fire. The switchbox is in the storeroom, the place where the fire started, so maybe it was caused by a short circuit.” Chief Inspector Ben Groenewaldt confirmed the incident but could not share any information as he was still waiting for a full report from the Tses police. “Yes, it was the school at Kutenhoas, but we do not know what caused the fire but we will get a full report from the Tses police,” Groenewald said. Meanwhile, the Director of Education in the //Karas Region /Awebahe //Hoeseb, explained that it is difficult to tell how the affected learners will be accommodated for the last part of the school year since he was yet to be informed of the extent of the damage. “I do not want to say anything right now, it will be premature. I just heard today that the school was gutted by fire but I do not know how bad the damage is. I am yet to receive a formal report,” he said pointing out that the situation is indeed an emergency. “This is quite serious and will affect access to education for those learners very seriously. And there is no budgetary expenditure for this, as it was not foreseen but it is an emergency and we must just be prepared for it. The nearest school is maybe in Berseba or Bethanie but it will be difficult for the affected learners because their school that burnt down was in a remote area,” //Hoeseb said.   By Jemima Beukes
New Era Reporter
2013-10-25 10:33:59 5 years ago

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