• January 19th, 2019
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Katutura movie to start shoots

WINDHOEK- Shooing of the  long awaited Namibian feature film, Katutura, starts next month. After more than half a year of work on scripting, casting, fundraising and finding the right locations for the film, the producer, Obed Emvula, and director, Florian Schott, says they are getting ready to roll cameras on the biggest Namibian independent film to date. The film is written and produced under Obed’s  company, Tulinane Entertainment. Schott adds that the cast of Katutura will see a mix of established actors such as Chops Tshoopara, Obed Emvula, Mara Baumgartner, singer Jericho and Armas Shivute as well as newcomers such as the former Miss Namibia Odile Müller, Gift Uzera, Tjiuna Kauapirura and Prisca Anyolo.   While responsible for the preparations such as rehearsals and the production of music and songs for the film, Müller debut singing  an original song in the film. The rehearsals are in full swing right now, and the production team plans a five-week shoot all throughout November to finish the film in the first half of 2014. Obed says, Tulinane Entertainment is still offering opportunities for many extras to feature in the film. The production team has pioneered a social media campaign to cast actors and engage the community.     By Pinehas Nakaziko  
New Era Reporter
2013-10-25 11:40:06 5 years ago

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