• January 19th, 2019
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New studio promises best in music quality

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

WINDHOEK-Multiple-award winning music producer, Brewen Diergaardt popularly known as Elvo, has found a new home and currently, he is the head of the production of Namibia Recording Studio “NamStudios” that  opened its doors  in Hochland Park, three weeks ago.   “I create from the top of my music head and a place of reality and my music is mostly a representation of who I am,” says Elvo. According to the owner of  NamStudios, Tsepho Shilangwa, it struck him as necessary to open the new studio to facilitate any and all types of audio ventures, from co-operate clients, established and upcoming musicians to the next generation of audio post production as a platform for quality music. “Our attention to detail is combined with commitment to providing our clients with the finest possible studio experience. Namibians will benefit by getting the best audio jobs on the current market, also creating employment for Namibians as time goes by, since we are looking into hosting award ceremonies of the channel O Music Awards magnitude,” says Tsepho. He adds that they are currently running a discount programme that enables clients to get some free sessions depending on how many sessions they book aiming for the best. “We are not feeding on any studios weaknesses; we just want to be the best. We've got state of the art equipment, professional stuff plus with five times award-winning Namibian producer, Elvo, as head of production, lower price rates, short delivery period, service reliability, expertise and stability, skilful and highly knowledgeable work force as well as a high level of standards,” Tsepho explains. NamibiaStudios is a state of the art recording facility that facilitates any and all typed of audio ventures from Radio Ads, Voice overs, Jingles, Song recording and any audio post production.  However, so far they have already begun working with Namibian artists like The Dogg, Maszanga, Blossom, Adora, Jericho and Sunny Boy.     By Pinehas Nakaziko
New Era Reporter
2013-10-25 11:46:54 5 years ago

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