• January 20th, 2019
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Aspiring pig farmer wins NBIC Business Plan competition

WINDHOEK - The Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) hosted its annual Business Plan competition award ceremony at the Innovation Village recently where the event rewarded aspiring entrepreneurs for the innovativeness and viability of their business plans as well as the ability to do business in Namibia. The 28 business plans submitted were taken through NBIC’s internal, as well as external assessments. The plans were rated according to the usefulness, viability, growth potential, sustainability and innovativeness. The ten best participants from the internal assessment pitched their plans to a panel of external judges who made the final decision. The external judges were made up of experts from the different fields of our sponsors and partners.   NBIC with assistance from the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN), First National Bank and Namib Mills was able to proudly present the top three candidates with prizes for their hard work. The first prize was presented to Kafula Sakeus Negumbo and Paulinus Sheehama of Tika-Tuka Piggery. They received a cheque of N$ 17,000 sponsored by the  Development Bank of Namibia. Tika-Tuka Piggery aims to contribute to food safety and security and job creation in Namibia by producing pork meat. In addition, feed such as hay and lucerne will be produced in order to face up to difficult situations such as droughts. An innovative aspect is that Tika-Tuka Piggery will cover its demand for energy through its production process by generating biogas that can be transformed into electricity. Winfred Ndimfitu of Easi Energy came in second and received a cheque of N$8 000 sponsored by the First National Bank. Currently, Easi Energy is engaged in the sustainable production of high quality wood pellets from acacia bush wood and saw dust for industrial and domestic energy production. Wood pellets are smoke free and have a low ash.   The third prize went to Thomas Shuuya and Simon Haihambo, who received a cheque of N$5 000 sponsored by Namib Mills. Innov8’s aim is to put Namibian students to the next level of e-learning by distributing portable tablet computers pre-loaded with educational content. The tablet computers sold by Innov8 will contain a series of applications fashioned on the Namibian NSSC curriculum that will  serve as academic tools; these include, tutorials, school texts, notes, quizzes and past exam papers. Each of the three winners received a voucher to attend training and workshops at NBIC. Dorothea Westhofen-Kunz, NBIC General Manager encouraged participants to act on their business plans and not leave them in the planning stages. She said, “NBIC would like to see the winners and the participants further make use of the institution to further their ideas. Those that won should make their next move in establishing their respective business and create the much needed employment within the country.”   By Staff Reporter
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