• January 23rd, 2019
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Fight corruption tirelessly

Crime and Courts, Archived, Oshana
Crime and Courts, Archived, Oshana

ONGWEDIVA – The Governor of Oshana Region, Klemence Kashuupulwa reminded African countries to constantly run fraud and corruption campaigns in the same manner that HIV/ AIDS campaigns are tirelessly supported. The governor also called on African countries to become active in eliminating fraud and corruption. Kashuupulwa was speaking at the four-day Annual All Africa Fraud and Corruption conference in Ongwediva on Monday. The event was organised by Gahel Investment and Consultancy Management. The conference aims to formulate a strategy to establish rigorous laws against fraud and corruption for all African countries and to mark the beginning of the battle to stamp out fraud and corruption out of Africa by changing the mindset that goes beyond the specific misbehaviour of the actors involved. The Namibia-initiated conference has made Namibia a role model and leading light in combating fraud and corruption, and paving the way to end to the social disease that has retarded African development, socially, health-wise and economically. “Fraud and corruption’s repercussion sweep across the entire population of Africa, through de-railed development plans and incoherent investment decisions, tender bribes and bribery in international business transactions, unfinished roads, crumbling schools, poor housing systems, crippled health systems, money laundering, safety policies negligence, prejudice against those of different religious and ethnic backgrounds, tribalism and racism in work places, unfair land reform policies, unfair treatment due to political affiliation, prejudice against disabled citizens, abuse of women and children’s rights, embezzlement of public funds,” Kashuupulwa said, adding that the list is endless and stressed that the nation is dealing with the most pervasive crimes which erode the very foundation of African development, good governance and sustainable development. The governor added that fraud and corruption is the primary threat to good governance, sustainable economic development, democratic process and fair business practices. He added that the conference is an example to illustrate that the Government of Namibia together with the private companies, African countries and local community is ready to play its part and fight the fraud and corruption battle. The governor encouraged the participants to put their efforts together and come up with a strategy that will be designed for implementation and ensure that there will be a report-back to another conference to review what has been formulated.  He urged that the conference should not be “by words only but the beginning of implementing core integrity and viable anti-corruption effective standards by action”. By Nuusita Ashipala
New Era Reporter
2013-10-29 09:25:10 5 years ago

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