• January 23rd, 2019
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Naholo withdraws from RDP presidential campaign

WINDHOEK – Peter Naholo of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) has withdrawn his candidacy to contest the RDP presidential position, citing unity as the main reason. Naholo also asked that Jeremia Nambinga and Kandy Nehova consider withdrawing from contesting the RDP presidency against Hidipo Hamutenya. “I know they have an ardent desire to become president, but I advise them to swallow their pride and postpone their ambitions,” he urged. According to Naholo swapping horses when crossing streams is not the best option, saying: “The name Hidipo Hamutenya is still fresh in the voter’s mind throughout all ethnic groups in Namibia. With Hamutenya still at the helm of RDP it will be a sweeping victory for him in the country’s presidential elections next year.” Naholo announced his withdrawal in a media statement yesterday, barely a week after making the public announcement that he would be contesting the opposition party’s presidential position. Naholo believes RDP will have a peaceful transition and succession when Hamutenya hands over the reins of the party to his successor.  “Readings from current happenings indicate the season of peaceful transition has not yet arrived and it is not the right time for Hamutenya to relinquish the RDP’s president portfolio,” added Naholo. Naholo said he was aware of the fact that many worked hard for him to see him take the RDP presidency. Naholo did admit that many might regard his withdrawal as an act of cowardice or betrayal of their trust but said all his supporters must accept this withdrawal and rally behind Hidipo Hamutenya at the upcoming RDP convention.     By John Travolter Matali
New Era Reporter
2013-10-29 09:11:40 5 years ago

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