• January 21st, 2019
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Kia Tennis Series heads for finale

Sport, Archived
Sport, Archived

WINDHOEK - This year’s Kia Tennis Series will come to an end this weekend when the stars of tomorrow take to the tennis courts of the Windhoek High School (WHS) for the last time for the season, under the auspices of the Pro Tennis Academy. Current log leader Codie van Schalkwyk looks set to seal his overall victory of the series once and for all and in the unlikely event that Codie has a real bad day, his brother Connor could theoretically still catch up with his 11-year old sibling. Meanwhile, there will be an interesting race for 2nd place. Connor is currently in the driving seat, but the likes of Waylon Wentzel, Veri Hinda and Delvin Losper have their sights firmly set on the silver medal. The season finale will definitely be closely contested and could by all means spring a surprise or two.   Rankings                              Points 1.  Codie van Schlakwyk      4750 2.  Connor van Schalkwyk    3600 3.  Waylon Wentzel               3550 4.  Veri Hinda                        3200 5.  Delvin Losper                   3025 6.  Kayden Schnelle              2360 7.  Oliver Diggle                     2325 8.  Zander Coetzee                1915 9.  Jaco Becker                      1750 10.  Randel Kavandje            1684   Points for the Kia Tennis Ranking are calculated on a 12-month rolling basis that represents the performance of players from last year November up to this year October. The Kia Tennis Series consists of nine tournaments with the final tourney slated for this weekend. Players participate in one of five categories as per their skill level and collect points towards the final rankings. Players in the Mini and Midi category will play tomorrow afternoon, with the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories competing on Saturday.   By Staff Reporter
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2013-10-31 11:16:39 5 years ago

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