• January 21st, 2019
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Muyoba on suspension again

Archived, National
Archived, National

WINDHOEK – The Katima Town Council’s long-serving public relations officer (PRO) Muyoba Crispin Muyoba found himself on the receiving end of yet another suspension less than three months after his reinstatement following a previous suspension. Muyoba confirmed his second suspension to New Era. He had resumed office in May following a three month suspension that was extended to six months. Upon returning he found the position of PRO he previously occupied had been ‘phased out’ during his period of suspension. The title was changed from PRO to communications and marketing officer. During a meeting that led to his suspension Muyoba turned down an offer made to him by the Katima Mulilo Town Council CEO Charles Nawa, Human Resource Manager Lilungwe Lifasi and Chairman of the Management Committee Salubila Maswahu. “They wanted me to accept the position of Assistant PRO a position that was not only lower than the one I occupied but also non-existent,” said an outraged Muyoba. “Nawa informed me the position of PRO no longer existed within the council’s structure because it was phased out in June. My inquisition led to allegations of improper language and insolence from Nawa, Lifasi and Maswhau,” said Muyoba “The title of PRO which was phased out in June this year is the same title reflecting on the suspension letter the CEO handed me. How do you hold a position that is phased out … at the same time the position is not even budgeted for after ten years of service, this is painful. There are a number of people starring down the barrel of the same gun – the entire town council is being held hostage by the same three,” exclaimed a weary Muyoba. “The three have been conspiring to kick me out of the council – once you fall out with the CEO you are done for. ‘I am going to fire you’ – this has been the CEO’s language since last year. These three take advantage of their positions and there is an element of abuse of power at the council,” charged Muyoba. According to Muyoba the trio unfairly target individuals and he feels council has changed and “taken a turn for the worse” since Nawa took over. “If you do not do what he wants he (Nawa) tells you, you are out. I have worked with different mayors and CEOss over the years and have never been suspended,” boasted an upbeat Muyoba. “During an earlier meeting Nawa declared he would fire me – shortly after that I was suspended for the first time in over ten years of service. This second suspension seems indefinite because nothing has been communicated to me since it took effect,” explained Muyoba. All nine efforts to reach Nawa, Lifasi and Maswhau were fruitless as they were either out of the office, locked in meetings or their mobile phones were off.

By John Travolter Matali
New Era Reporter
2013-10-31 10:39:07 5 years ago

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